Visualizations and Affirmations —Great Tools for Manifesting Your Future Self

There are lots of possible future selves that we could live into; the decision is ours, which of these possibilities we want to manifest in our lives.  The life we experience is not “a matter of chance, but a matter of choice”.  You could choose to manifest a future that is disempowering and disheartening and you also have the power to manifest a life that is joyful and abundant far beyond your imagination. Through QSCA coaching program under Christy Whitman coach training we will be equipped with the tools like affirmations and visualizations to attain our heart’s deepest desires.

Like Christy Whitman, John Assaraf strongly believes that your visualizations and affirmations should precisely describe the life you want to manifest. As you create a vision of your future and back it up with your affirmation, you will start to see things you never noticed before.

Here are some tips from the article, Commit to Visualization and Your Affirmations to help you program your nonconscious mind with visualizations and affirmations.

  1. Recommit and Refine. 

You need to continue refining your goals, your business vision and your affirmations— design your vision and write your affirmations until they are perfect in your mind. Whenever you set your goals higher or set your foot in the direction to a new intention, you have to continue recommitting to the process of articulating that goal and then inscribing it onto your nonconscious brain.   

  1. Complete the Process. 

Ensure you finish writing your vision statement and affirmations. If you find you haven’t completed the work, ask yourself:  “Why I am procrastinating or not completing the work?”  “What stories am I telling myself as to why I haven’t completed this work?”  What reason are you giving yourself that you can’t do this? Your habits are forcing you to conduct yourself in the same old ways you always have.

  1. Make a change. 

Ask yourself again:  How my sluggishness, procrastination or indecisiveness negatively affects my life and my career/business? Wouldn’t it be nice to make a change?  After all, you have nothing to lose if you give up the old habits that aren’t working for you—and you have everything to gain.

  1. Stick to the Process. 

Keep focused and commit to doing the neural reconditioning work every day. Create for yourself reminder notes or progress reports to see where you stand with the process, maybe at the beginning of each week.  Add a statement to your reprogramming schedule that addresses your commitment.

Visualizations and affirmations are great tools to help you manifest your awesome future self. Come and join Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Show in her upcoming interview with John Assaraf to get more information and inspiration to create what you want.