Manifesting Your Dreams with Christy Whitman and Marie Forleo

Worldly ambition and inner peace seem like differing goals, but learning the law of attraction principles from QSCA Christy Whitman will help us have them both.  

As long as you cultivate the right attitudes, both ambition and inner peace are certainly possible. Christy Whitman and Marie Forleo make it achievable.

Here are three effective practices from Marie Forleo in her recent blog,  3 Steps to be Ambitious and Still Have Inner Peace which we can apply in creating our dreams more joyfully.

  1. Create joyfully and not stressfully.  

In every moment of our life we need to choose. You have to choose what state of consciousness that you’re bringing to your work.  Are you creating your dreams from a space of joy or stress?  “Am I connected to my heart and my intuition in the present moment or am I allowing my fear just run the show and stress me out about things that I have completely no control over?” Anytime that you notice that you’re creating from this state of stress, don’t get yourself wrong, but use that as an opportunity to get yourself realigned.  Perhaps you need to take a break and go exercise and get back in your body, but no matter what you do, whenever you catch yourself creating from that state of stress, stop and recommit to create from a place of joy. We will learn more of this process through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman.

  1. Train yourself to resist nothing.  

This may be easier said than done, but practice makes thing perfect and you will see it works like magic.   Resist nothing means that you release your inner resistance, that internal “No” that pipes up the instant things don’t go as planned.  In other words, resist nothing doesn’t mean you’re not going to take action or work to improve things.  It simply means that you’re going to bypass lots of useless negativity and frustration and you’re going to help yourself take a wiser and more effective action. Through quantum life coaching with QSCA Christy Whitman, we will learn to clear the resistance and return back to the essence of what you want to create.

  1. Embrace the moment.  

The only space that you can be in harmony with the universe is the present moment of now.  If you learn how to embrace the moment, you’ll always be in harmony with the universe.  Embracing the moment doesn’t mean being passive, it doesn’t mean resignation or giving up, but it means eliminating the mental and emotional negativity that creates stress when you resist the moment. So when you embrace what is, you just bring a different energy, a different quality of consciousness to the actions you take from that moment on.  When you embrace the current moment of now, no matter how it shows up, you will instantly feel a sense of flow and peace and power.

You don’t have to choose between your dreams and inner peace.  You can have it all through Christy Whitman life coaching and Marie Forleo.