Choose to Connect with Your Light

Each and every moment, each and every situation, we have choices.

It’s really in the present moment when stimulus comes at us or we hear someone say something or something happens where we get to choose how we want to feel, and in that moment we have to know that we do have choices.  In quantum life coaching with qsca Christy Whitman we will learn to deliberately choose to focus our attention on something that constantly brings us joy and gratitude to stop negative feelings take control. [Read more…]

Visualizations and Affirmations —Great Tools for Manifesting Your Future Self

There are lots of possible future selves that we could live into; the decision is ours, which of these possibilities we want to manifest in our lives.  The life we experience is not “a matter of chance, but a matter of choice”.  You could choose to manifest a future that is disempowering and disheartening and you also have the power to manifest a life that is joyful and abundant far beyond your imagination. Through QSCA coaching program under Christy Whitman coach training we will be equipped with the tools like affirmations and visualizations to attain our heart’s deepest desires. [Read more…]

Manifesting Your Dreams with Christy Whitman and Marie Forleo

Worldly ambition and inner peace seem like differing goals, but learning the law of attraction principles from QSCA Christy Whitman will help us have them both.  

As long as you cultivate the right attitudes, both ambition and inner peace are certainly possible. Christy Whitman and Marie Forleo make it achievable. [Read more…]

The Difference Between Abundance and Irresponsibility


christy whitman

Abundance is energy and it surrounds us all the time. Like a fish swimming in water, we all can swim in the stream of abundance. We will discover the secrets to tapping into the boundless abundance of the Universe and easily magnetizing our heart’s deepest desires through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman. [Read more…]