Choose to Connect with Your Light

Each and every moment, each and every situation, we have choices.

It’s really in the present moment when stimulus comes at us or we hear someone say something or something happens where we get to choose how we want to feel, and in that moment we have to know that we do have choices.  In quantum life coaching with qsca Christy Whitman we will learn to deliberately choose to focus our attention on something that constantly brings us joy and gratitude to stop negative feelings take control.

For instance, when you’re in a situation where family members come over and say bad comments about your house, about your parenting, about anything. In that moment, you have a choice.  You could either get pissed off and argue with them, which is not going to feel good to everybody or you could just stay focused and connected with your Divine Self. In this kind of situation, it’s an opportunity to learn about yourself. This is an opportunity to become more aware and conscious about how you think, believe and therefore vibrate in this particular area of your life. We will learn to powerfully connect with our inner self through qsca coaching program.

So in any given moment when there is stimulus coming at you or someone says something rude to you or something happens that’s  unwanted which we call contrast, we can just come back to our own light, in our own connection, and realize that it’s just a nanosecond.  But we need to choose what thoughts we are going to think about the situation, what we choose to process and feel because that choice will then determine how we feel, how we think, how we vibrate in the next moment and ultimately how long we keep that vibration.  For 17 seconds, that’s how long it takes to shift a vibration, and then 68 seconds to hold a vibration and get the whole universe conspiring with it. That’s when things manifest.

So it’s in that present moment when stimulus happens, situations, circumstances, all, that if you could take a moment to come back to yourself and feel and connect with your life.  Feeling connect, as Paulo Coelho says with “the soul of the world”  that you are a part of  and connect with that feeling, connect with your light and in that moment choose happiness and connection over getting upset or fear or anger.

It is us that have to make this spiritual connection a priority. In the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program in collaboration with a Certified Quantum Success Coach, you will learn to understand who you are as your Divine Self, with the power, will, wisdom, love, illumination, and inspiration.

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