What are Mantras and How These Help Us

Mantras provide a great way to make positive changes in your life. Mantras are affirmative statements in the present tense that release and expand your consciousness of what you can achieve. These affirmations help center your consciousness on your power and ability to create and manifest your heart’s deepest desires.

Our reality begins with our thoughts.  As you speak these positive statements to yourself with strong beliefs, you will start to create them as real; you will create positive and better experiences in your life. Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman will teach us to align and fine-tune our thoughts with the unlimited abundance of the universe.

Most of mantras start with “I am” and follow with positive thoughts.  As you say these mantras, feel the reality and influence of the “I am” within you to create the reality you want.  Imagine feeling the power, love, and wisdom of the innermost part of your being, your soul and spirit as you utter each mantra. Through Christy Whitman coaching, you will learn to deeply understand and connect to your inner self.

The words themselves do not have power; saying the mantras repeatedly will not generate the reality you desire, the power of mantras is in their “livingness” to you.  It is the energy of your greater Self you are calling upon when you say these affirmations that has the power to make these thoughts a reality. Every time you say “I am” you are awakening the divine Self within you, calling upon the power of the universe to make it so. Life Coach Training with QSCA will teach you to use mantras that feel appropriate to you.

It is essential that the words feel comfortable to you and are matched with who you are. Have the liberty to replace with other words that have a special meaning to you, for the power is amplified when the statements are significant and feel comfortable. QSCA Christy Whitman will guide you to create your own mantras. As you say the mantra, feel it, imagine it, and believe it being real in your life. Quantum Success Coaching Academy will teach you the different ways to use mantras and become a deliberate creator of abundant life.